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All About Me!

My name is Stephanie Hazlett and I’m a freshman at Castleton Stage College in Vermont. I went to UVM for the first semester of my freshman year but transferred from there and now go to Castleton which I really like.

I live in a small town back home and I have 3 sisters, one older and two younger. My younger sister is 3 years old and she’s so cute and i love buying stuff for her because i love kids clothes and toys! My older sister just enlisted in the army and will be leaving for basic training on July 1st.My other younger sister got her permit a few months ago and will be getting her license in the summer- scary.

 My mother is a nurse for the Vermont Dept of Health and my dad is a truck driver. My parents got divorced when i was younger and my mother is remarried and my step dad is very nice. My step dad is a Social Worker for delinquent children for the State of Vermont, funny that both of them work the State of Vermont!

I love being active and hate lazy people! I played basketball and soccer throughout high school and miss playing them! I now will be trying out for the women’s soccer team at castleton in the fall and im very excited! We have already started spring practices and workouts and it feels great to finally be playing again after more than year without playing soccer.


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