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my favorite sport defintly would be soccer, i have loved playing soccer since i was little. I now will be trying out for the women’s soccer team at Castleton for the fall season. We have started workouts and I was sore for the first week of workouts but lately I havent been sore! So tomorrow night, Wednesday, we start actual soccer workouts rather than just the weight training we have been doing, so that will be great!! My favorite soccer player is Brandy Chastain who has the memorable picture of tearing off her shirt after her women’s national team won the championship! (picture below)



My favorite dinner is definitly chicken fajitas! I could eat them eery single night and never get sick of them! If you go to the site below you can learn how to make awesome fajitas on your own to enjoy!



red-sox-1Today was a boring day except for the fact the Red Sox season opener was today! It was postponed yesterday and was played today! I was not able to watch the game because of classes, but I was following the game online. As of 5:33 Boston was up 4-1 on the Tampa Bay Rays! One of the main highlights of the game was when Dustin Pedroia hit a home-run at his first at bat! Hopefully the Red Sox will be celebrating at the end of the season like they are in this photo when they won the World Series!!


While in class, Jason Varitek for the Red Sox hit a home run, so now the score is 5-1 and the red sox are heading towards their first win in their first game of the season!


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